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About Des Moines Legacy Foundation

Vision Statement: Together, with you, we can build a brighter future through the arts, parks, recreation, and senior services in the Des Moines community.

Mission Statement:
  • Support the arts and art education for all members of our community
  • Improve, and create community and park and recreation services
  • Promote interest in and opportunities for charitable giving
  • A positive force in providing tools to assist the changing needs of our community
  • To enhance services for all ages
The Des Moines Legacy Foundation Board of Directors meet the third Thursday of the month, 7:30 am on ZOOM.

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Become a member of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation Board of Directors. Click Here to Download our board application. Completed applications to Des Moines Legacy Foundation, PO Box 13582, Des Moines WA 98198.
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  • Make a tax deductible donation to the Des Moines Legacy Foundation, tax id-91-2019863
  • Employer Corporate Match Program
  • List the Des Moines Legacy Foundation as a Beneficiary in your will or life insurance policy
  • IRA's and Annuities
  • A donation in memory of a loved one to arts, parks, recreation or senior services
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Legacy Foundation 2022-23 Board of Directors:

Patrice Thorell President - Patrice Thorell
Patrice is also a founding member of the foundation, serving from 1999-2018 as its perpetual secretary before retiring from a 39-year career in the Parks and Recreation profession. Patrice worked in many capacities including as Cultural and Special Services Superintendent and Department for the City of Kent and as the Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Director for Des Moines. Patrice worked to re-establish the Des Moines Arts Commission, create the Waterfront Farmers Market, list the Des Moines Beach Park as a National Historic District, construct the Des Moines Creek Trail, and build and renovate our local parks and play areas. Patrice is especially proud of the foundation's work to enhance programs for and support to local youth and seniors, and our work to provide arts and cultural opportunities for the community. The work of the foundation helps to meet many underserved needs that are important for creating a healthy and inclusive lifestyle for our citizens.

Patrice loves to walk our beaches and the Des Moines Creek Trail. She has enjoyed watching her daughters grow up while participating in parks and recreation summer camps, sports programs, and arts events. Patrice believes that working in collaboration with other organizations such as Rotary, Destination Des Moines, and the Farmers Market, will ensure that our community will continue to thrive.

Brian Snure Vice President - Brian Snure
A lifetime resident of Des Moines, Brian is a local municipal attorney at Snure Law Firm. Brian has also been a lifetime supporter of youth recreation and programs for low income youth. Brian believes it is time in life to "give back" to the community which has given so much to him and his family. Brian enjoys skiing, camping and walking; most often with his two daughters Erika and Emily Snure. Brian helped create the Des Moines Legacy Foundation back in 1999 and then handed the reins over to his late father, attorney Clark Snure who served as the Legacy President for many years. Brian's Legacy: "Time will tell", Brian states. Active in the Des Moines Rotary Club for over 25 years, and having served as its President, he hopes his efforts have made and will make the City of Des Moines a better place for everybody to live, work and play.

Hallie Marks Treasurer - Hallie Marks
Hallie is a founding member of the Foundation, and has served as its treasurer throughout her tenure. Her favorite Des Moines Legacy Foundation event is the annual Bayside Brunch fundraiser held at Anthony's Homeport. Her business has supported and sponsored the event for almost two decades! Hallie's favorite recreational activity is golf! As an avid golfer, she plays weekly, and organizes golf tournaments for her club. Hallie's legacy to the Des Moines community is knowing that she helped residents through her charitable work and her business, Marks and Marks, C.P.A.'s.

Brandie Holmes Secretary - Brandie Holmes
Brandie has been a Des Moines Resident for 28 years and graduated from Mt Rainier High School in 1996. As a single mother of three, she is investing her time in Des Moines to show her children, through example, that we can make a difference in our community and the world when we come together, share ideas, and lift each other up. She believes that the Legacy Foundation is a wonderful organization to put one's time into, you know you'll make a difference.

Brandie became familiar with the Legacy Foundation when seeking funds to help the city replace play equipment at Cecil Powell Park in Des Moines in 2014-2015. Brandie states, "I was so impressed with all that Legacy does to help and support our community, working alongside the city to benefit children and the elderly. They helped to save the Mt. Rainier Pool, a place we've enjoyed as a family for many years!"

Some of Brandie's favorite things to do are family and children photography, gardening, stained glass, homebrewing and beach combing.

With 24 years of experience in global logistics, she has amazing tools that are at the Legacy Foundation's disposal. Together, we can make anything happen!

Legacy Foundation Board Members:

Gene Achziger Gene Achziger
Gene has a strong sense of community having served as the Des Moines Legacy Foundation's President, and on the Redondo Community Club for many years. He led the "Save Mt. Rainer Pool" Committee that asked citizens to pass and fund the Des Moines Metropolitan Pool District. Gene is currently an elected Pool Commissioner and Des Moines City Council member.

His "other" work was as a journalist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, an adjunct professor at Highline College, and a graphic artist.

Gene feels strongly that we are called to give back to our communities and the Des Moines Legacy Foundation is the perfect vehicle for serving our neighbors because Legacy's mission since 1999 has been to build community. Gene hopes his legacy to the Des Moines community to be keeping swimming accessible for all and spreading the word about the Des Moines Legacy Foundation and its opportunities to help make this an even better place to raise a family and retire.

Fred Andrews Fred Andrews
Fred joined the Legacy Foundation in 2022 and has a passion for promoting Des Moines public art.

Fred has worked as a photographer, art director, foreign correspondent, art curator, and college professor. His career began in 1966 as an aerial photographer for the U. S. Air Force in Vietnam. Since then he has worked in theater, film, publishing, and was a member of the faculty at Cornish College of the Arts for 20 years. His work has been published and exhibited around the world.

He has worked with and served on several non-profit environmental, charity, community service, and arts organizations including the Seattle Arts Commission. Locally, this includes the Des Moines Arts Commission, Highline College Foundation, and Destination Des Moines.

Currently Fred and his wife Vicki live in the Woodmont area of Des Moines where he has promoted art shows and conducted a free annual tennis camp.

Fred looks forward to reviving and expanding the Art on Poverty Bay outdoor public art gallery established by former Legacy Board member Nancy Stephan before she turned the reigns over to him.

Yoshiko Matsui Yoshiko Matsui
The Des Moines Legacy Foundation is pleased to welcome fourteen year Des Moines resident Yoshiko Grace Matsui to our board of directors. Her first term on the foundation began in October 2021. To date her favorite DMLF project is our "No Kids Left Inside" community playground project campaign.

Asked why she decided to apply for the Des Moines Legacy Foundation position, Yoshiko states, "while I've lived in Des Moines for 14 years, I was commuting 2 hours a day for work which left me little time to get involved in my community. One of impacts of Covid for me was the decision to move to remote work, which meant that I finally had time and energy together with my desire to give back to Des Moines. As I started volunteering more in 2021, I met an amazing group of people associated with Legacy Foundation and I'm excited to contribute to an organization that matches my interests."

Ms. Kaylene Moon Ms. Kaylene Moon
Kaylene has been a supporter of the Des Moines Legacy Foundation since its inception in 1999. A Des Moines resident since 1958 Kaylene brings a wealth of older adult knowledge, work experience, and community outreach to the Board. Her long career in social work for the elderly with the City of Seattle Division on Aging will be another added benefit to supporting the needs of seniors in the Des Moines community.

States Kaylene in her board application, "the Des Moines Legacy Foundation has done so much for the Des Moines community, I want to help continue their efforts."

Gary McNeil Gary McNeil
This is Gary's first term on the board. He is also involved with Boy Scouts of America and the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Gary feels that the Des Moines Legacy Foundation is important because it helps provide opportunities for youth to participate in sports and activities and supports senior programs in Des Moines. His legacy to the community will be to have provided opportunities for citizens to be active in their neighborhoods and their community.

Ruth Ballard Ruth Ballard
Ruth is truly a people person. As an administrator and educator in Highline, she worked in many leadership roles.

In retirement, she has been very active in leadership in every community where she has lived. Now living

Homes, Ruth serves as a building Representative on the Resident Council.

Ruth finds many small and big ways to be involved in the community. She sees herself as an idea person, an organizer, and a dedicated community worker always sharing her skills by creating social events for the many clubs that she has belonged to.

She has demonstrated her skills as a Rotary volunteer working at fundraising auctions. At her church, she organized and ran a golf tournament for 3 years. Ruth has been a Women's Retreat Leader and has volunteered for numerous Cancer Club activities.

Ruth is truly an asset to the Des Moines community and will do great things as a Legacy board member!

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