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About Des Moines Legacy Foundation

Vision Statement: Together, with you, we can build a brighter future through parks, recreation, and senior services in the Des Moines community.

Mission Statement:
  • Improve, and create community and park and recreation services
  • Promote interest in and opportunities for charitable giving
  • A positive force in providing tools to assist the changing needs of our community.
  • To enhance services for all ages
Des Moines Legacy Foundation Brochure


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Des Moines Legacy Foundation Brochure

WAYS YOU CAN Support our Vision and Mission

  • Volunteer with the Des Moines Legacy Foundation
  • Make a tax deductible donation to the Des Moines Legacy Foundation, tax id-91-2019863
  • Employer Corporate Match Program
  • List the Des Moines Legacy Foundation as a Beneficiary in your will or life insurance policy
  • IRA's and Annuities
  • A donation in memory of a loved one to parks, recreation or senior services
  • Donate art, jewelry, auction items for our two big auction events
  • Donation of real estate, bonds, or stocks
  • Help weed at Sonju Community Garden
  • Ivy pulling parties at our community parks
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2015 Board of Directors:
President- Gene Achziger
Vice President- Yvonne Nutting
Treasurer- Hallie Marks
Secretary- Patrice Thorell

Board Members:
Pat Brill
Gary McNeil
Michelle Pina
Al Isaac
Carla Jackson
Charleen Schulz
Kathy Arnold
Kim Richmond
Malorie Spreen
Nancy Stephan
Sue Padden