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The Des Moines Legacy Foundation has been working hard since 1999 to assure that our seniors are helped in their twilight years and that our children are given a great start in life. Along the way we also try to enrich the community by providing cultural opportunities through the Des Moines Arts Commission.

When United Way-King County shifted its emphasis away last July from helping seniors, a big hole was ripped in the safety net for our seniors here in Des Moines and in Normandy Park. (Des Moines operates the Normandy Park Senior Services Program.) It dramatically affected the Meals On Wheels and Hyde Shuttle Transportation programs that allow seniors to remain independent and in their homes longer.

When our board of directors learned of these cutbacks, we authorized funds to continue these programs at full strength through the end of the year. It is unacceptable that seniors should have to wait five months to become eligible for Meals On Wheels. It is unacceptable to cut transportation services for non-driving seniors who need to keep medical appointments or to shop for groceries or pick up their prescriptions.

Increased costs have also hampered our ability to serve the needs of our children through support of parks and recreation programs that enhance their opportunity for growth and, as a by-product, enhance crime prevention goals and programs. It is a fact that kids who remain involved in safe, organized and engaging activities are less likely to get into trouble.

We have always been able to count on a caring community. In order for the Legacy Foundation to continue to assist our seniors and children and to culturally enhance our community we ask that you donate locally this holiday season.

You can still make a targeted donation to the Legacy Foundation through United Way, but know that 15 percent of your donation will be eaten up by an administrative fee. A direct donation to the Legacy Foundation goes 100 percent to help your community.

We help nourish both bodies and souls - We help our children reach their potential - We help our elderly remain active and independent Together, we continue Des Moines' legacy as a caring community

Thank-you for your generous decision to help your neighbors and community by contributing to the Des Moines Legacy Foundation. As you click on the button below, a PayPal screen will be your next stop. To register your donation, please type the amount in the box labeled: Price per item. Then click the blue Continue bar to proceed.

Our Guarantee: 100 percent of your donation will go towards charity.


Tuesday, Nov. 29 is Giving Tuesday with a special emphasis on donating locally. But you do not have to wait. You can donate online anytime at using our Donate button at the top of our website. Either way, we remain grateful to you for your support. Thank you for caring.

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