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Waterland Kids Festival Results in Epic Jr. Parade!

The Foundation created, organized, and funded the 2022 Waterland Kids Festival and Bounce-A-Palozza with free hands-on arts and crafts and construction projects, and fun for youth and families! The projects resulted in the best attended Waterland themed Jr. Parade in Des Moines history!

We are dedicated to our Mission to cultural equity in the Des Moines community. We hope you will join us as we work to reinvigorate the quality of life for our citizens and to create a robust business atmosphere for our community.

The Foundation is seeking support from interested citizens, businesses, and granting agencies to partner with us to match our dedicated Arts Fund of $20,000 to enhance the arts in Des Moines. With your support, Des Moines Legacy Foundation will lead the initiative to make Des Moines a destination for great arts!

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